• Local Government

    Bath is the principal centre of the unitary authority of Bath and North East Somerset

  • Churches

    There are 69 active churches in Bath, with approx 6,000 Christians. Many of them are active volunteers in their local communities.

  • Population

    The population of Bath is 84,000

  • Aquae Sulis

    Bath was first established as a spa with the Latin name, Aquae Sulis (‘the waters of Sulis’) by the Romans sometime in the AD 60s

  • The Abbey

    Bath Abbey has been a place of worship since 757AD

  • World Heritage Site

    The City of Bath was inscribed as a World Heritage Site in 1987

  • Visitors

    Bath attracts over a million staying visitors each year, and 3.8 million day visitors

  • Employment

    Bath has a large service sector, and growing IT and creative industries, providing employment for the population of Bath and the surrounding area

  • Education

    The city has two universities, several colleges and many schools

  • Deprivation

    5 areas of Bath are in the top 20% deprived areas in the country

Welcome to this network, linking together all the Christian churches, agencies, projects and individuals in Bath – for the people of Bath

This website is an overall guide to the Christian scene in Bath, with contact details, and news on networks, projects, events and activities in the city for everyone to enjoy.

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New Wine

New Wine 2014.. Promises To Be A Fantastic Festival..

April 23, 2014
Spring is in the air, if perhaps not quite sprung!..  and…

Bristol Charity One25 Work With Avon and Somerset Police To Rescue Sex Workers

April 23, 2014
Avon and Somerset Police have launched a crack-down on Bristol's…
Choreographer and Dancer, Samantha Harper

London Based Dancer With Bath Links Launches Dance Company With A Difference

April 23, 2014
Talented dancer/choreographer, Samantha Harper who birthed…
Bath YFC

Bath YFC 15 Peaks Challenge - Your Sponsorship Could Help Change Lives

April 19, 2014
Bath YFC runs at least six projects including; Motus Dance…
St Philip And St James Six Metre Poster Makes A Splash

St Philip And St James Passion Play Makes A Huge Impact On The Community

April 19, 2014
  'We've worked hard this Easter to contact everyone…
BaP's Patron, Matt Graham

Business Against Poverty Launches Skills Academy

April 16, 2014
Business Against Poverty has launched the BaP Business Skills…
Val Huxley

People Against Poverty To Give £10,000 To A Brand New Local Project

April 16, 2014
People Against Poverty has launched its first ever UK project…
Transform Work UK

Why We Need Transform Work UK

April 13, 2014
Do you feel challenged at work as a Christian?  Or…

Are You Ready For Easter? Why Not Sharethemiracle?

April 13, 2014
With five days to go until Good Friday you are probably thinking…
Bath YFC

Bath YFC Showcase Event Marks Another Good Year For the Charity

April 5, 2014
Bath YFC's recent showcase event shows another great year…
Ora et Labora Exhibition Depicting Life In Bath's Abbey Courtyard As It Was

Ora et Labora Launches Regular Trips To Downside Abbey

March 31, 2014
Ora et Labora, Bath's unique monastic sourced shop which…
The Real Easter Egg Campaign

Bethlehem Joins The 'Real Easter Egg' Campaign

March 31, 2014
A cooperative in Bethlehem is making tens of thousands…

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Bath Easter Crosswalks

18 April The Easter Crosswalks.

More info…

Kingdom Healing School In Bath

28 April HOTS Bath Kingdom Healing Schools have proved to be a great success.

More info…

Love Bath 2014 – Bath Abbey

22 June You are invited to a party for everyone in Bath hosted by Bath Abbey, starting with Christians uniting in worship at Bath Abbey.

More info…


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